The Science Based Dating App for Building Meaningful Connections with Compatible People

H!NT is the fastest & easiest way to discover the right partner and build a powerful connection. 

By analyzing over 50 psychological and sexual compatibility indicators, H!NT finds you the best matches for amazing conversations and relationships.

Who is it for?

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Why this dating app?

H!NT Score™ - the app’s brain that shows you the right people to connect with

H!NT Score™ is our exclusive matching algorithm developed with behavioral psychologists and love experts.

Basically, it’s designed to find people you’re most likely to build a strong, meaningful connection with.

How it works

Based on a complex AI algorithm, H!NT Score™ predicts the probability of matching with a person, taking into account over 50 psychological and sexual compatibility indicators.

The number indicates how compatible you are with the person listed. The higher the number, the more likely you are to build a powerful connection with that person.

The right place to find people that want a serious and mature relationship, not just a fling

Connect only with people you are compatible with and build a strong connection

No more wasting time with poor quality matches

Developed by psychologists and love experts who understand what long-term relationships need most

Helps you start and maintain a conversation with people you connect with

100% Secure and private

Receive daily recommendations with the right people to connect with and pick which one interests you most

It's not just a dating app that you download when you're lonely, it's the only app you'll ever need for establishing a lifelong relationship

Online dating is broken

Only 12% of Tinder users have married or had a serious relationship with a partner they found on the app. And many users – particularly younger women – report being harassed or sent explicit messages on online dating apps. That’s why H!NT focuses on helping you find the right partner to build a connection with, not just a fling or a bad experience with someone you’re not compatible with.

Build a Bond that Means a Lot More Than Just a Casual Match

The scientific AI algorithm that understands your needs

There is no way you can lie to psychology and science. By using specific questions and tools to better understand your personality type and relationship needs, H!NT Score™ eliminates all the profiles that don’t fit your needs and ONLY displays profiles you’re more likely to connect with.

How H!NT Works

By using your answers to specific selected questions that helps the algorithm understand better your psychological profile, interests and sexual needs, the apps shows you only people are compatible with. From that selection of people, you can choose who you like more.

To make the best out of your dating experience with H!NT, it’s important to 100% complete your profile (Strictly confidential, everything you answer is private and it’s only used to offer you relevant suggestions)

The Only Dating App Developed by a Team of Psychologists and Love Experts

Let’s face it – the things that make serious relationships last forever include meaningful connections, psychological compatibility, and sexual compatibility.

What team can better understand those factors than someone who works daily with people to help them achieve their relationship goals?

The H!NT Score™ and all the experience were created by psychologists and love experts to help you meet the right person to build a powerful relationship with.


Find people
worth dating

Not just an app, but an entire experience that focuses on YOU building a powerful connection with that special someone.

Sexual Compatibility

A lack of sexual compatibility is one of the most common reasons why couples break up. In order to avoid this, the algorithm will choose only people who see sexuality the same way as you do, so this aspect of your relationship won't be an issue.

Psychological Compatibility

The core of a connection is to feel like you can be understood and loved for who you are, to share the same values & views, and to have the same priorities. This is something you share with people who are psychologically compatible with you.

By taking psychological factors into account, our algorithm only shows you people who have personality traits and qualities compatible to yours.

Conversation Hints

Having trouble starting and maintaining a conversation with someone you really like on the app? Don't worry about it. The H!NT app comes in handy when the conversation gets a little dull with some awesome conversation hints that help you keep things interesting.

Love Hints & Education

In order to make this fun and useful for you, you'll get a few interesting facts, tips, and tricks about love & relationships via email and in-app. These will help you build lifelong connections with people.

100% Confidential & secure

All the information you share in the app is confidential and only used to help you find people you’re most likely to build a connection with.

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No More Wasting Time with People that Want Just a Fling

Make powerful connections with people who are compatible with you. By using an algorithm that analyzes over 50 psychological and sexual compatibility indicators, H!NT is the perfect place to find that right person you’re looking for.